Time to kick off 2010

Well it is time to start posting again,

After a blogging break over the last couple of weeks it is time to look at what this year will hopefully bring in for this blog.

First, I am hoping to continue blogging regularly and to work on some new series of posts.

Some of the things I have in mind:

  • A revisiting of some of the posts I made from the 2 conferences I attended in the fall. Blogging the conference is always crazy so now it is time to revisit some of those topics
  • A series of interviews with some really interesting people from the industry (I haven’t started that yet)
  • A review of a few books related to Business Rules and BPM
  • Possibly a few product reviews
  • And of course if I can, Coverage of conferences on business rules and maybe even some vendor conferences

If any readers have suggestions for related topics to cover on the blog, feel free to suggest them!

Finally, although I’m a bit late in doing so, I wish everyone the best for 2010.