#BRF Standards for Business Rules

John Hall is talking about the state of the standards around business rules.

I had originally thought of blogging this session as I had done the others, but I think it won’t necessarily work well because of the topic.

Instead I will list the standards (and eventually add links to their respective standards) that were discussed.

  • BMM
  • SBVR
  • PRR
  • ODM
  • RIF
  • XBRL
  • UML
  • OSM
  • IMM

And more but it is unknown how they really fit:

  • ISO-704
  • ISO-1087
  • ORM: Object Role Modeling
  • CL (Common Logic)
  • OWL
  • RDF and RDFS
  • RuleML
  • JSR-94 (Purely API definitions)

The slides that do with this presentation are obviously helping a great deal in understanding the relationships between the standards.

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