#BRF Keynote: Smarter Systems for Uncertain Times

James Taylor his giving the keynote this morning at the Business Rules Forum. No slides, just talk.

Why do you need a smarter system, what is a smarter system?

The pace of change is one of the drivers for creating smarter systems. Changes are so quick nowadays you need to find new ways of doing things.

The competitive environment is also a driver for smarter systems. For example the amazon infrastructure to sell used books is creating competition for the second hand book stores.

Why systems need to be smarter as opposed to smarter organizations and people?

  • Volume: Volume involved in the modern business (transactions or interactions) is so high that there is no way to do this without a system
  • Speed: The amount of data in real time is huge, so only a snapshot is usually looked at because things are happening too quickly. Need to analyze data in real time to identify patterns to respond in real time.
  • Complexity:The environment we work in is getting more complex all the time

What IS a smarter system

  • Action oriented: Not passive supporters. The system needs to enable actions to be taken (either by automating or enabling people to take action) or to make decisions.
  • Flexible (in a business sense): The fact that a business person feels that the system is flexible enough to respond quickly to their needs for change.
  • Forward looking: This links what was essentially Rules driven into Predictive Analytics to peer in the future to help flexible.
  • Learn: A good decision today might be a bad decision tomorrow. Enable you to test and learn an challenge decisions so that you can improve.

How do you get there?

  • It is an approach not a technology platform with a focus on decisions
    • Discover what the processes and decisions are
    • Create decision services. Externalize the rules (Action oriented and flexible)
    • Institute on-going decision analysis to make sure you improve over time
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