#BRF Business Rules and Business Events

Paul Vincent is talking about how CEP can help with Business Rules.

His Disclaimer: CEP technologies work alongside other (BPM, SOA, BRE) technologies

Tibco (The Information Bus Company!) is known more for EAI, but has evolved to BPM, CEP, Predictive analytics, etc.

Paul referred to other sessions or keynotes from leading analysts from Gartner, Forrester and IDC from this conference mentioning CEP as one of the key technologies that will be used more in the future.

He did a quick review of what Ron Ross’ definition of rules, or what they can be. CEP becomes interesting for timings and triggers. Chances are it will be a combination of the different types.

Rules are defined through terms and facts, some facts may be events and the rules are enforced as events occur. We want to predict when rules will get broken. It is more important to know that your a heading to bankruptcy, not that you are bankrupt (It’s too late).

Mapping for business rules to processes and decision is easier from an event perspective. He then took some time to how how closely all of the technologies (BPM, Rules, CEP) are closely related and that processes are actually aggregating events.

CEP provides a quicker response to detect issues. It shortens the time between the business event and the action that need to be taken.

Decisions are event driven, CEP identifies patterns in real time. Decisions share data and event so why keep the data in a separate system? Before it was too complex, but now CEP allows to do that to maximize performance. “All decisions are event driven”.

He showed us an example architecture for Real-time event processing. He also presented different high level design patterns that contrast SOA and EDA. A lot of the diagrams presented these concepts and I just can’t blog that kind of information.


  • Business Rules are used in CEP applications
    • Sense and respond
    • Track and trace
    • Situation awareness
  • Users should model events independently
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