#BRF Enabling Effective Business – IT Collaboration Presentation

Rik Gerrits, Colleen McClintock and Linda Nieporent are presenting.

Business Rules Management Contexts

  • Corporate artifact (policies and regulations, publications, regulatory compliance)
  • Requirements artifacts (application independent and application specific
  • Executable code

BRM at the corporate level is for the sake of the business, of, by and for the business, independent of hardware and software and of a specific solution.

Requirements are for the sake of systems and applications, of, by, and for the Analysts. The requirements are global or specific to the application.

Execution is expressed in a way that a rule engine can interpret, validate and execute. It is for IT people. Always in the context of a specific solution.

The first part of the presentation move very slowly. It was not providing a lot of new information since the main goal of it was to highlight what functionality you would be needed by a system to manage rules in the 3 contexts that they presented. It sounded like a setup for a marketing presentation to show that RuleArts’ RuleExpress tool provides.

The presentation turns out to be a demo of an integration that RuleArts did with JRules. The customized some of the information that is visible in RuleExpress and extended properties in JRules so that in Team Server you can see some information that comes from the RuleExpress. Interesting integration, but still has flaws.

Some of the flaws that come to mind:

  • You end up with 2 repositories
  • There is no synchronisation of the models (vocabulary and BOM)

I guess the main point they made is that chances are that in an organization you will have multiple representations of rules and that to support that you can create tools that allow synchronization between those different tools and that this integration is one way to help business and IT collaboration.

I just wish I had known it would simply be a demo of the integration and that there would not be much (not as much as I was hoping for) other added value in the presentation.

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