#BRF Business Rules enhance agility in BPM presentation

Dr. M. A. Ketabchi is presenting. He covered a quick definition of BPM.

The classic BPM Cycle:

  • Model
  • Execute
  • Monitor
  • Improve

Key Values of BPM

  • Visibility
  • Agility
  • Efficiency
  • Business Empowerment

The Roles of rules in Business Process Management

  • Smart performer
  • Intelligent work allocation
  • Intelligence decision support (BRMS)
  • Smart forms (Dynamic Forms)
  • Real-time business applications (CEP)

BPM Usage Patterns that need rules

  • Decision Centric
  • Event Centric

BPM benefits from Integrated Rule Functionality

  • Agility
    • Rules can change dynamically independently from processes
  • Simplicity
    • Expressing declarative logic is process solutions with rules simplifies process solutions
  • Ease of Automation
    • Most business solutions required both procedural and declarative logic
  • Real-time Interoperations
    • Event rules can correlate events from multiple sources in real time

There are 2 approaches at providing BPM and BRM functionality

  • BPM in a Rule Language (one cannot be used and changed without the other such a PegaSystems)
  • Integrated BPM and BRM (both functionality are available and integrated out of the box) This is the approach that Savvion takes so only that one will be detailed in this presentation.
    • Rules can be developed, tested, managed independently of process
    • Ability to change rules at different time independently of processes (isn’t that the same as the first one??)
    • Same rules can be shared by multiple processes

Concluding remarks;

  • BPM suites require different types of rule functionality
  • Data and event driven rules support is critical

The presentation almost lost my interest when they started talking about the Savvion product and functionalities right at the beginning. It felt like it was going a marketing presentation. Luckily that lasted only a couple of minutes.

From that presentation (and other discussions that happened last week and this week) it seems that there seems to be more and more convergence between Business Rules, CEP and BPM.

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