#BRF Using Business Analysis Tutorial

Kevin Brennan is leading a tutorial about Business Analysis.

He introduced the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA at theiiba.org) as a relatively young organization for Business Analysis.

Business Analysis is:

  • Analysis is
    • Taking a thing, breaking it into its components parts to build a useful model of the organization.
  • About a Business
    • (no kidding!) 🙂

The value of Business Analysis

  • Understanding
    • how an organization works
    • why it exists
    • what are its goals and objectives
    • how it accomplishes those objectives
    • how it needs to change to better accomplish objectives or to meet new challenges
  • It’s about
    • meeting business needs
    • ensuring investment in the right solutions

The IIBA create the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) reference. A lot of the contents relates to the PMBOK and it shows that there needs to be a relative closeness between the Project Manager and the Business Analyst.

The Body of knowledge relates to:

  • BA Planning and Monitoring
  • Elicitation
  • Requirements Management and Communication
  • Enterprise Analysis Structure
  • Requirements Analysis Structure
  • Solutions Assessment and Validation

Underlying competencies that are required (the slides were more detailed, but the main categories were):

  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Behavioural Characteristics (ethics, personal organization, trustworthiness)
  • Business Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Interaction Skills
  • Software Applications

Core Business Model of an organization that a BA must work on:

  • Decisions and Rules
  • Tasks and Processes
  • Roles
  • Concepts and Relationships
  • Events

The presentation then covered other topics, looked at some numbers used to prompt the topics of discussion, all of it very interesting but which I thought was difficult to blog about properly. Good presentation overall.

My takeaways from that session:

  • I got a quick overview of the contents of the BABOK
  • I have a better understanding of the competencies that a BA should have
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