#BRF Capturing Business Rules Tutorial

Gladys S.W. Lam is leading a tutorial about capturing business rules.

Some key concepts about business rules.

  • Built on Terms and Facts
  • Grouped by Decisions
  • Expressed in Business Rules Statements or Decision Tables
  • Applicable as explicitly indicated by stated Criteria
  • Managed by retaining elements of Traceability

They separate rules into governing, practicable and automated rules. Each level can be looked at for business processes and “know-how” rules.

The presentation then covered the methodology that they propose (Proteus which is available to download on the Business Rules Solutions web site).

These questions allow you to start capturing the rules:

  • What – Structure: Fact Models & Concept Catalog – Rules: Consistency
  • How – Transformation: Business Process Model – Rules: Calculations & Transformations
  • Where – Geography: Business Connectivity Map – Rules: Transport & Linkage
  • Who – Interaction: Organizational Work Model – Rules: Organizational Interactions
  • When – Time: Business Milestones – Rules: Timing & Intervals
  • Why – Motivation: Policy Charter – Rules: Exceptions & Priorities

Using facilitated sessions for rule capture. Success factors for facilitated sessions are:

  • Having the right people in the room
  • A lot of preparation is required

Procedures to use facilitated sessions:

  1. Prepare for requirements gathering sessions
  2. Conduct requirements gathering facilitated sessions
  3. Analyze and document business model
  4. Prepare for detailed business rule analysis
  5. Conduct business process rule facilitation session
  6. Analyze and document business process rules
  7. Capture business know-how rules

To define scope, use the six questions: what, how, where, who, when, why. If any answer changes as you are working, that is indicating scope creep.

The presentation then went into some details of the approach and showed how it can be applied.

My takeaways from this session:

  • This information can be used as a starting point for educating people working on a rules project
  • Using that methodology might give a bit more structure to the work I already do with customers
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