How do you know if you need business rules?

James Taylor wrote a nice blog post identifying some of the criteria that hints at the need for business rules.

In short:

  • Lots of rules required for each decision
  • Presence of complex inter-dependant rules
  • Behaviour must change often
  • The rules require business expertise to understand
  • Business users insist on controlling the rules

Those are definitely good indicators of the need for business rules.

Read James Taylors original article at:

Speaking at the October Rules Fest

I have been confirmed as a speaker for the October Rules Fest 2009 in Dallas, Texas in October 2009 (

The title of the talk is: Rule Classification First

The talk cover some of the topics I have discussed in this blog, but in a slightly more detailed manner.

If you read this blog and are coming to ORF 2009, feel free to come talk to me!


More information about IBM BPM Blueworks

BPM Blueworks will be available to all in the second half of 2009.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the community will have a lot of resources. The resources available will be provided by IBM and the community: demos, papers, podcasts, webcasts, strategy maps, capability maps, and process templates.

The users should be able to create processes in BPMN Notation and import it in the SOA sandbox environment to see how that process will execute.

It sounds like this will provide an easy way for businesses to start using BPM since it will allow them to see what is available in the community, customize their own version, try it out and eventually provide them with something that works that can be deployed internally if they wish.

Very interesting and promising. I can’t wait to see it for myself. No links available yet though… L

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