On levels of process modeling in BPMN

Bruce Silver just wrote an interesting piece on three levels of process modeling that is worth a read if you are interested in BPM.

The three levels he discusses are:

  • Level 1: Documentation of business process models using a standard notation
  • Level 2: Adding exception flows
  • Level 2b: (Previously level 3): Implementation of individual tasks, or even the process data and conditional logic needed in an automated process implementation
  • Level 3: In BPMN version 2.0, this will be to create fully executable process implementations based on a standardized design language

Since BPMN 1.1 was falling short of delivering the excutable component for a standard, it looks like the OMG will have that as a goal for BPMN 2.0.

Hopefully this evolution of BPMN will help resolve the problems when dealing with BPMN now and needing to execute it and not having a fully compatible executable standard with BPEL.

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