Business Rules Governance and Management – Part I

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Well, they are finally coming. My blog posts on Business Rules Governance and Management.

These posts have been a long time coming because I needed to do some research first, gathering information from different sources and analyzing them so that I could then write about the topic feeling somewhat knowledgeable.

This will be a multi-part series that will be broken down to limit the size of the posts and hopefully encourage readers to comment and discuss the posts.

The topics will be broken down like this:

  • Definition of Business Rules Governance and Management
  • Governance: The first steps
  • Governance: Leadership and communications
  • Governance: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Management: Rule Life Cycle
  • Management: Management Processes
  • Management: Security and Access Control
  • Governance and Management: What Comes Next: The Center Of Excellence
  • Governance: Challenges and Best Practices

I hope readers will participate in discussions so that our collective knowledge and experience can be of use to others interested in the topic.

Next Stop: Definitions!

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