Update to ABRD published

Jerome Boyer posted on his blog about the latest update to the ABRD (Agile Business Rules Development) framework which can be downloaded at the following address.


I have used some of the contents of the previous ABRD release, although as a whole I thought it was not as good as it should have been (and yes, I know that it is meant to be improved by a community but I was not sure where it was going to go from there).

But this iteration of ABRD is better structured, and after a quick review, it seems to be of much better overall quality. As a starting point for people dealing with business rules, it might provide some insights and guidelines as to how to run a business rules project.

I only wish that contributing to it was a bit easier and more transparent and that people from companies other than ILOG would also contribute to it so that the best practices in ABRD have less of a bias.

There are still some holes and very simplistic descriptions used in some of the items, but the evolution from the first version to this one makes it a very promising tool for people that work on a business rules project.

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