On Business Rules project best practices – Part V – Plan the project

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In the first post of this series, I started listing a list of best practices that can and should be used when working on a business rules project. This post is about detailing one of these practices further.

Some people may find it weird that project planning is suggested so “late”, but there is a good reason for it. Any planning performed before the completion of a prototype or pilot will have to be reviewed to take into account the information gathered during the execution of the prototype so although some of it may have been done already, now is the time to actually do the planning.

Plan the project

So there you are. The prototype or pilot is completed and works. Your team understands much better what they are involved with. The organization feels confident about this new technology and way of working.

With their newly acquired knowledge and experience, now is the time for the project manager to review the scope of the project, identify missing tasks, update estimates and resources required to actually perform the rest of the project.

Here are some questions that the project manager may want to ask himself or his team:

  • What are the (updated) processes and tasks required to complete the project?
  • For each task, what are the estimates on resources required as well as time required to complete the task?
  • Which tasks can be performed in parallel or independently from each other?
  • Can we break this project up into smaller pieces (see the next post on this subject)?

After that exercise, the project manager will have a much better idea on all the details of the project and then the work can proceed.

Although this “Best practice” post is a short one, it still needed to be mentioned. Project managers should be able to take this “best practice” and make it their own.

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