On Business Rules project best practices – Part I – Introduction

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Over the years I have seen things go well in projects that involved business rules, and I also have seen things go not so well. I am sometimes asked for “best practices” or practices to avoid, so I figured I would document some of them in the series that will follow.

In this post, I will introduce the best practices that I will cover in more details in future posts. Please note that some of these best practices can be performed in parallel to other ones and they are not necessarily presented in order. Whenever possible through the series I will provide references for what I write.

Here is a global view of the practices

Whenever I can I will refer to other articles and resources that complement the contents of the best practices.

During this series, I am hoping to get some questions and comments that will help improve the contents of the posts, this blog is hopefully going to become an interesting resource on the topic.

*This best practice is to me the most important stepping stone to a successful project. It is introduced later in the series, but if you were to choose only one of the best practices, this one would probably have the largest impact. Some will disagree with me but then again, this is my opinion… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “On Business Rules project best practices – Part I – Introduction

  1. Hi,

    i think this post is an interesting topic and maybe it will become a widespread resource on the web. Thanks for it.

    May i suggest that you cross-link this article and the ones following it so that a link to one article gives access to the whole series?

    I’ve been trying to find a sample for what i suggest with no luck…

    What i usually see is:

    – a link to the starting article (it whould be this one) on every following one. Meaning: part two is out and the link could be at the start “In my previous post”

    – in this article, every item on the list is a link to the expanding article (you will have to update this post for every new article).


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